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Photographe de mariage Genève, Suisse / wedding photographer Geneva, Switzerland: kissing under the rain

Last week I spent 4 days in the Swiss-French region to document several engagement sessions for my clients that are getting married in a castle in Oron, Vuissens and Geneva, Switzerland. For 2 days, the weather was fantastic. However, the very last day the weather forecast was so bad. They predicted rain and strong winds but my heart said I could not postpone this session and that this weather was nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Thus, I went to my clients’ house. They kindly offered some japanese tea and cookies, which we enjoyed for a good half an hour while speaking about them, their day, our travels and my beautiful experience in Japan – my bride studied japanese and has been in Japan 5 times already so she was excited about my adventures in Tokyo shooting weddings. After a while, we decided to head out since it didn’t stop raining and I could not resist the temptation of taking some time to play with my flashes in the rain. I even found a field which was full of poppy flowers and I was so excited, it was one of my dreams to shoot a session in the middle of a field like this. I am just so inlove with country-like engagement sessions…

I could not imagine until I saw how the session was developing, how romantic can an engagement session be under this very wet weather. We had so much fun and ended up being completely wet from the rain and of course, ended our session with more hot tea and cookies.

I can’t wait until the next rainy engagement session…

Hope you enjoy their very romantic session under the Swiss-French rain.

XO, bisous


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