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Lugano wedding photographer: A small preview from a fun Swiss German wedding at the Castello di Morcote in Ticino, Switzerland

What an amazing destination wedding in Morcote, Switzerland for this Swiss German couple!

Vanessa & Toby were such a fun groom and bride. The wedding celebration started at Hotel del Lago in Melide, and ended in a beautiful Swiss castle by the Lugano lake, Switzerland: Castello di Morcote. It was a great party, surrounded by their loving guests and at an enchanting place surrounded by beautiful vineyards!.

I cannot wait to share all the wedding photos from the super beautiful Swiss Italian wedding of Vanessa & Toby!

Enjoy the preview, XO.

Switzerland portrait photographer: when being courageous is all you need

There are certain persons in life you meet and they make you appreciate your existence as no other thing in this world. Zuleika is one of them.

Zuleika is a unique girl. Powerful, courageous, yet subtle, feminine and gorgeous. She is all potential. She wakes up in the morning and lives and appreciates her life in a way no one I met does.

What makes her so unique is the fact that she had a very strong accident, which caused her to live life as a disabled girl.  Yet, she is fully independent and one of the most positive and strong women I’ve met.

She is a walking lesson to all of us.

How can we wake up in the morning and not appreciate what we have? When there is people in this world who wake up everyday with limitations that are stronger than anything we’ve been through. How can we complain about been a little chubby, a little old… when all we need to face our day to day problems is ATTITUDE and a smile.

This girl is a walking lesson. And I adored photographing her inner beauty and documenting such a powerful human being. I love her story and her will power to keep living her life, even with no leg or arm.

What’s a missing leg for Zuleika, is 5 more kilos for us. What’s a missing hand for this gorgeous human being, is a bad weather day. Do you get the lesson?

Being disable is a beautiful thing most of the times. I’t a testimonial for each one of us, that obstacles can make us stronger and appreciate every single thing in our lives.

I believe, strongly, that people like her are walking angels on this earth. Angels that are present to remind us of the beauty in the little things. It’s a wake up call to being more grateful and more courageous.

I love you Zuleika. You are an inspiration for lots of us.




Switzerland Portrait Photograher: a fun ride with Simone (preview)

ganser preview-Switz

Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographer: a fun wedding at the Brissago Islands, Switzerland

What a wedding!

Probably one of the most fun Lake Maggiore weddings from last year and with one of the most wonderful couple. It was an amazing celebration in Ticino, Switzerland on a little picturesque island close to Ascona, a very famous place for weddings close to Italy on Lake Maggiore: The Brissago Islands. The island is famous for hosting more than 1700 species of flowers and trees in its garden; from mediterranean climate places like Australia, South Africa, Chile, etc.

The party was one of my favorite parts of this wedding. Amazing music and atmosphere, every single guest was dancing and having lots of fun. My kind of wedding!

We had an amazing time and I had the honor to invite one of my photographer/ friends to experience this amazing wedding: Pedro Alvarez.

Enjoy the photos! xo, Marian
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May 13, 2015 - 10:00 am

michel quijorna - bellisima boda, momentos y emocion en cada imagen, congrats Marian !!!

May 13, 2015 - 1:06 pm

mduven - Gracias Michel!

Destination wedding photographer: a country-style wedding in the Black Forrest in Germany

It was a beautiful and intimate destination wedding in the Black Forrest in Germany for this super sweet couple from Switzerland. The wedding took place on a saturday morning with the forrest as a special background for their day. The picturesque ceremony was followed by a country-style wedding reception at a barn.

It was a beautiful celebration, with their friends coming from different parts of Switzerland. Also a unique relaxing weekend in such a beautiful place.

I had the luck to have one of my photographer friends visiting and shooting with me, Collin Pierson, who is also an amazing photographer from Chicago.

Enjoy our interpretation of my their most beautiful day!

xo, MarianLugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0979Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0982
Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0983Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0984Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0977Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0985Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0976Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0981Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0978