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Lugano Wedding photographer: a civil wedding for a beautiful hungarian couple in Ticino, Switzerland

A few days ago, I documented a 56 minute civil wedding for this beautiful hungarian couple in downtown Lugano.  This was a fun quick wedding on the very first warm spring day in Ticino, so a very enjoyable time for all of us. Hope you enjoy the small love story I created.

XO, Marian


Tuscany wedding photographer: Couture Hayez shoot published on Vanity Fair’s online portal, Elle Sposa and Vogue Sposa

What an honor to be published along with such talented vendors on a few days ago. I always love working for Couture Hayez and documenting her beautiful wedding dresses and designs is always a pleasure!

You can also find photos from this shoot on past issues of Elle Sposa and Vogue Sposa.Follow my instagram account for more publications and daily photos!

Wishing you an amazing day,



Tuscany wedding photographer: a beautiful wedding gown by Couture Hayez, outstanding food and dreamy wedding shoot at Villa Curina Resort in Sienna

This styled shoot organized by wedding planner Laura Ferrari from La Weddy, will leave you daydreaming about your so much desired destination wedding in Italy and how beautiful it could be if celebrated in the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. The amazing location was Villa Curina Resort located just minutes from Sienna.  The always amazing Couture Hayez inspired us with her gown to create the best atmosphere, not to mention the amazingly tasty and refined creations  by Chef Giorgio Trovato. I will leave you with a text prepared by lovely Laura,  Enjoy.

In autumn the soft hills of Chianti are painted with wonderful colors, showing breathtaking views that
will hardly leave you unimpressed. If you love the poetry and the almost unreal quietness of the
countryside and you dream of a wedding that is simple but refined at the same time, Villa Curina Resort
and its restaurant Il Convito di Curina, are, with no doubt, the ideal place to make it happen.…

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0687


Villa Curina Resort is a small sixteenth century village full of history and charm, awarded with 2 Michelin
Guide stars. Surrounded by the quiet of the Siena hills, here the silence and peace will take over you,
while being only 9 km from the city, Time would expand and immediately you will forget the hustle and
bustle of city life. This is a place that can turn your wedding into a wonderful party and a jolly time to share with friends
and family, while being pampered by the kindness of the resort personnel
but especially delighted by dishes of Executive Chef, Giorgio Trovato.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0706Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0703

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0705

The Convito di Curina maintains indeed the spirit of Tuscany and its cuisine, keeping history and flavours
of the region’s culinary tradition revisited through the cultural blending and international experience of
Chef Trovato, who concocted the menu as “a sensory journey for the diner”

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0704Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0690

The restaurant’s terrace with a view over the hills of Siena is there to offer evocative landscapes and
spectacular sunset. What better location could we choose for this setup?
A mise en place recalls Chianti and its colours. A simple arrangement, nothing pretentious, yet rich and
sophisticated, that I recreated on the exterior of the location, making use of the colours and the
incredible light of a day in late September.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0702

Just for the occasion, Florpassion created lavish and rich flower arrangements that mix burgundy and
plum shades to a more delicate and pretty pink colour. Branches of pink roses mottled with Pink Flash
and Fuchsia Glorius (Lady’s eardrops) are the core, around which the composition develops with ivory
Dahlias, dendrobium orchids, ivory Mini English roses, Lisianthus and ends with an exotic touch of chili
pepper and Nutans.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0698Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0697Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0691

The stationary  table cards are created by Marilou, using Burgundy cards matching with cotton white
paper. The handmade cut, matching the vine leaves on the placeholders and the grapes on the menu, is
a reference to the so famous Tuscan wines.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0699Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0701

For a context so romantic and charming, where nature surrounds you in such pleasant way, Couture
Hayez created a country-chic dress, using the appeal of a soft plumetis fabric enhanced by light lace, a
preview of the new collection, which has been prepared at the Atelier in the past months. The talented
Make-up Artist Nicha oversaw the model’s hairstyle and makeup.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0689Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0695Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0700Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina ResortTuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0684Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0686


It was a real pleasure to be a guest of a staff delightfully professional as those of Villa Curina Resort, and
to learn all about the talent of Chef Giorgio Trovato, on top of working with the entire team that made
this possible, a team gathered in a dream setting for this occasion.

Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0696Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0694
Tuscany wedding photographer Sienna Curina Resort_0688


LocationVilla Curina Resort – Il Convito di Curina
Food Stylist: Executive Chef Giorgio Trovato
Event designLaura Ferrari – La Weddy
Composizioni florealiFlorpassion
Abito : Couture Hayez
Make up – Hair Style : Nicha
Media Pr : M Comunicazione 

WPPI 2015: more a home than a conference

It’s been 4 years since the very first time I attended the Wedding and Portraits Photograhy International’s conference “WPPI”. This conference, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, has turned out to be more than a conference, a home for me.  This is the place where I have met most of my photographer friends and where I have learned from the most talented, humble, open and generous people in the industry. WPPI has seen me grow year after year, and has played a very important part in my career. If you are a wedding and/or portrait photographer, you cannot miss it. BTW, Kuddos to Jason Groupp for his hard work this year. There has been so much improvement with his presence!

This year’s conference was amazing. The Print competition was one of my favorite learning experiences – not to speak about the sessions I attended with Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Bambi Cantrell, Gary Fong, Sara France, Jeff Jochum, Mike Allebach, Enrique Oliver and last but not least, the super talented Luke and David Edmonson.

Luke Edmonson, was one of the first photographers I met when starting my career. We were at the Thirst Relief Shoot at one of the most beautiful Nevada Ghost Towns and this man just opened up his heart and with lots of patience taught us all – in a very practical way – how to make the most out of the environment we were shooting in. The following year I met his dad, David, who is a super talented angel fallen from the sky. David is one of these friends, who make you feel like a better human being just by being around him and I can’t wait to see him and enjoy time with him. This last year of his photography has been tremendous inspiration for me. I could see David’s heart in every single photograph he took and his work almost moved me to tears from how beautiful it was. I am so happy for him this year, also because he was honored with WPPI’s Lifetime Achievement Award – which he so deserves!

Between Roberto, Ghionis and the Edmonson’s my inspiration in the portrait’s field is set for this year. It was not only their work -which is absolutely stunning – but the lessons they had taught me as a person and a professional that I value the most. Jerry is the ultimate businessmen who sets an example for all of us photographers that we can have an amazing life while working in what we love the most: photography. Roberto’s lessons about light and posing are remarkable – specially this year’s lesson about not being chained to any available light but to create what we envision and enhance the scenarios we confront – and of course, this years’ photo walk with the Edmonson’s was very insightful. They taught us about light and showed us how to create very beautiful artistic images with a simple lightning set up. Some of the images i created and behind the scenes are shown in this blogpost.

Another remarkable moment was my friend’s first appearance as a speaker at WPPI En Espanol – Enrique Oliver. Enrique’s compositions are so strong and his technique is so simple. By seeing his presentation, I started to think about simplifying my workflow and the amount of expensive gear I take to weddings. I can’t believe how many beautiful images he creates with only a Fuji and a simplified version of the video lights we all buy for hundreds or thousands of dollars – which he bought at home depot.

This has been a powerful year for me, educationally. I feel like I grew more in the last 6 months than in the entire 4 years of my career. The educational tools that have helped to last years’ growth include: an amazing experience at the Foundation workshops (where I enhanced my photojournalism skills and added so many powerful tools to my business), Foro de Fotografos in Spain (where I got inspired by the amazingly talented Spanish wedding photographers) , and WPPI (where I learned mostly portraits and marketing). Not to mention the powerful gift I gave to myself this year, by attending Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery program.

Now it’s time to create and work hard. My hands are itchy and I can’t wait to start the 2015 wedding season this April.

Wishing you all an amazing week! Now enjoy the photos I took at WPPI 2015.

XO. Marian

lugano wedding photographer -0678Lugano wedding photographer Switzerland tessin_0683The amazing Luke & David Edmonson, enlightening us with their infinite knowledge! 

Fotografo Lugano, Locarno, Ascona: un servizio fotografico fashion per Oliviero / A fashionable shoot for Lugano’s male model: Oliviero

Un bellissimo pomeriggio trascorso con Oliviero per il suo servizio fotografico nei dintorni di Lugano. Servizio fotografico fatto per celebrare la sua prossima sfilata durante la famosissima Fashion week a Milano. Complimenti Oliviero!

Oliviero’s shooting during a beautiful afternoon in Lugano. With this photoshoot he is celebrating his appearance at a very important show during the very famous Milano Fashion Week. Congratulations Oliviero!